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AUTHORS: John Sanei

GENRE: Business strategy/trend forecasting

RRP: R285

ISBN/EAN: 9781928230632




The world is caught in a never-ending chase. Without even realising it, we seem always to be hurrying after something – something we can’t even describe – a chase to nowhere.

For hundreds of years, since the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s, the chase has provided vast profit, fuelling rapid human development and great advancements in science and technology. But today, wherever we look, it appears to be reaching its sell-by date – wreaking destruction on the environment, on animals, and ultimately on human wellbeing.

As a result, we have arrived in the age of disruption – a word that has become part of our daily business vocabulary. We’re all aware of it, yet many of us still struggle to cope with its implications: fast-paced change.

How do we stop the chase, understand the change, and take control of our future?

In his bestselling What’s Your Moonshot? global speaker and trend specialist John Sanei explained how the world is changing exponentially, and asked: how big is your thinking? In his follow-up Magnetiize, he expands on these ideas, challenging business leaders, employees and individuals to become future-ready, and asking: how conscious is your thinking?


John Sanei is a global trend and innovation strategist, speaker, lecturer and author. He is on the faculty at Singularity University and Duke CE. His work focuses on understanding the perspective required to thrive in tomorrow’s rapidly changing, hyperconnected world

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